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Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

Before I was married, I had a three-ring binder with family recipes stuck in it. It was a mess.

Then my husband created an Access database of those recipes; I now have them on my computer in an easy to search, sort, and review format. I can also print them out. It is wonderful!

But most of the time I resort elsewhere to get recipes.

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One site I like to visit They have classy recipes that have been tested and reviewed by, usually, dozens of eaters. Those fellow eaters have good insights into the recipes: making them tastier or easier.

One favorite place I visit is It searches hundreds of food blogs for your specific search terms. For example, last week, I wanted to make French Toast. I know I’ve made it before, but I like to refer to a recipe; as I’ve mentioned, I’ve learned from experience that my cooking can turn out quite poorly if I don’t check before I start cooking. Well, epicurious only had “fancy” french toast options, but I found a great recipe for very basic french toast at Pinch My Salt, thanks to the Food Blog Search. I’d highly recommend using Food Blog Search; I”m going to add it to the sidebar for our convenince.

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The other day I also found myself refering to a book. I don’t normally refer to cookbooks. I find the internet so much easier to find just what I’m looking for. However, I’ve started reading The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters, and there are so many basic recipes in there: just what I’m looking for. I wanted to make a basic white sauce, and I found it.

I’m still pretty new to cooking, and I look forward to discovering many more sites and cookbooks that can help me in my journey!

Where do you get your recipes? Any favorite sites or books you can recommend?

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