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salt and pepper

What We Ate (Week Ending June 27)

It was a pretty good week. I really love the fajitas because the salsa is so tasty. The rub on the steak and chicken was a bit too spicy this time (my husband went a bit overboard with the cayenne pepper, I think) but it was still good.  Friday’s salad was made with leftover chicken and I think it was a little off. Other than that, I don’t feel like there were any disasters. I feel more confident in my ability to create a meal!


Steak and Chicken Fajitas with Guacamole, Salsa Fresca, and sautéed shallots


Carrot and Ginger Soup and homemade bread (via breadmaker)


Grilled Chicken Salad with Maple Vinegar Dressing


Parmesan Risotto and baked broccoli




Arancini and spinach salad with leftover bacon-cranberry topping, chicken, and potatoes


French Toast and Brown Sugar Bacon

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