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What We Ate (Two Weeks Ending Aug 8)

What We Ate (Week ending Aug 1)

This week was full of disasters, except for the luncheon I made for my sister. That turned out okay. But, I burned the macaroni and cheddar under the boiler, the tomato separated from the milk in the soup so it was grainy and gross, and I didn’t cook the onions until they were sweet for the soup, so the crunchy onions ruined the overall flavor of the chicken pot pie stew. Overall, not such a great week. The chicken cordon bleu was okay, but not an all-around winner.

Sunday: [leftovers]

Monday: Birthday luncheon for my sister: chicken fettuccine alfredo; grilled chicken salad with maple vinegar dressing; fresh baked bread via breadmaker

Tuesday: Macaroni and cheddar

Wednesday: [leftovers]

Thursday: Cream of tomato soup with cheddar biscuits

Friday: Chicken pot pie stew and buttermilk biscuits

Saturday: Chicken cordon bleu; green salad with vinaigrette; mashed potatoes

What We Ate (Week ending Aug 8 )

This week was low-key and busy, so I didn’t make many interesting things. The braised chicken was actually made on Wednesday, but the shallots were still onion-y and dish was practically inedible. It fared much better by sitting in the fridge for a day; we ate it on Thursday. It was much better, and I intend to redo that recipe in a slightly different way next time. When it’s good the first day, I’ll share it with you.

My brother got married this weekend, so we were away from home Friday night and Saturday morning. When we returned Saturday afternoon, the low-key soup was just right.

Sunday: [leftovers]

Monday: French toast

Tuesday: Parmesan risotto with peas

Wednesday: [leftovers]

Thursday: Braised chicken in mustard with garlic and mascarpone, rice, vegetables

Friday: [Dinner with family]

Saturday: [Wedding luncheon with family]; Dinner: Carrot Ginger Soup

You’ll note I don’t provide pictures of the food I cook. I’m not a professional food photographer, and I find that many pictures of home-cooked dinners look pretty awful when done by amateurs. Besides, many of these meals look pretty unappetizing when I prepared them, even without taking a picture of them. Nonetheless, they are tasty to me.

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