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What We Ate (Week ending Aug 15)

I realized something this week. When we have company, I make yummy, special meals. When we don’t have company, I made the same things every. single. week. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The regular fare is cheaper in the long run. But I do have to say I like the new meals the best! I really enjoyed Saturday’s dinner, and the rub was so easy, I’ll do it again.

I also am realizing, as I said yesterday, that I need to be more “experimental” in planning my meals. I tend to stay inside the box, unless, as I said, someone special is coming for dinner.

Other than that, I’ve already forgotten what I meal I made on Friday night. It was ordinary and all, I just don’t remember what I did! LOL!


Grilled steak with parsley butter; pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes and thyme




lunch with family/ [leftovers for dinner]


Chicken Pot Pie Stew and Buttermilk Biscuits


[picnic dinner with family]


I seriously forgot what I made Friday Night. Oops. It was really memorable, apparently.


Chimichurri-rub kabobs; arroz con crema; churros

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