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What We Ate (Week ending Aug 22)

This week I’ve taken the fact that my husband is out of town to my advantage by cooking meals with my son specifically for my son. I have lots more to say about Pretend Soup and how much fun it is to cook with my toddler. I plan on cooking some more of the recipes in the coming week.

I also tried something new that I’ve always wanted to try: meatloaf. It was so good. The recipe I made could use improvement, but considering how easy it was to pull together, I’m eager to add this to repertoire. Making a “new” recipe is a “mini-challenge” for the Spice of Life Challenge I’m hosting, so while I do try to a new recipe once a week anyway, at least this time the new recipe was for something I’d always wanted to try. I’ve had this stereotype of meatloaf as a dry, boring thing. I thought it was moist and tasty.


French toast


Surprise Muffins (from Pretend Soup); Zucchini Moons (from Pretend Soup); peanut butter and jelly


Macaroni and Cheddar


Personal pizzas! (from Pretend Soup)




parmesan risotto with peas


meatloaf; baked herb polenta; vegetables

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