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salt and pepper

Salt and Pepper

Last night, I was making a same-old recipe once more (arancini and chicken nuggets, if you must know). But as I was chopping the chicken and seasoning it, I smelled the overwhelming smell of the salt and pepper. I took a deep breath. It smelled so good in the kitchen. Right at that moment, I fell in love once again with cooking, just knowing that that raw chicken would, in the course of a very short time, be delicious chicken nuggets (yes, I think mine are particularly delicious).

I’ve been wanting to give new life to this blog for a long time. I don’t know that I”ll ever have time to dedicate to it as I had originally intended, but I’ll keep checking in every now and then.

Thereby, I hereby rename this blog “Salt and Pepper.” I was inspired by that whiff of salt and pepper. I can’t think of a single thing I could cook without salt (I’m sure there are things, but, really, it’s so important!). I’ve heard people say that they “just add it later” or what not to make sure they don’t ingest too much sodium. But I cannot eat food — it’s just so BLAH — if it doesn’t have proper seasonings. I added “pepper” to the blog name because, well, I just love a pretty pepper mill filled with multi-colored peppercorns. And pepper is pretty important to making things taste nice too.

Salt and pepper are also the basics. Some recipes just say “add seasonings.” Have a slice of tomato and add salt and pepper and you have a yummy snack. Saute a pork chop with salt and pepper and you have an entree for dinner.

This blog, then, is about adding seasoning to my cooking life. I want to remember to cook a variety of foods.  (My goal, though I fail, is to not repeat anything each month).  I want to try new recipes and foods (again, I should try something new every month, actually every week, but lets start small). I want to remember the basics of cooking, like the difference a bit of salt can make to pumpkin soup. I want to make cooking and eating fun for my son, who already likes to pretend to cook.

Most importantly, I want to make sure that for the next 50 years of cooking every night, I don’t lose my mind!

Although I won’t have time to post a lot, maybe once or twice a month I will appear to say, “I cooked THIS this month.” Or I’ll try a new recipe and, if possible, give you a link to it.

What ingredient(s) do you feel you couldn’t live without?

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