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Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Pot Pie Stew

When I was a kid and my family ate out at a restaurant, I always got “chicken pot pie.” It was the fanciest, most delicious thing. I love the combination of pastry and chicken and vegetable yumminess.

In reality, chicken pot pie is very easy to make and hardly fancy. It’s a great go-to week night meal, because even my 1-year-old son ate some of it. The only problem is that the few times I’ve cooked it, it felt time consuming simply because of the baking part. I don’t mind cutting vegetables and then stirring and simmering a stew for 30 minutes. But I don’t want to then have to wait another 30 minutes while it cooks further in the oven: I want to eat!

So last night I made the chicken pot pie recipe. And then I dipped buttermilk biscuits in it and enjoyed eating it. Beyond baking some biscuits earlier, there was no baking after all the simmering, but there still is pastry goodness along with it. I think it works well as a stew.

My husband admits that he added a dash of a secret ingredient to the soup at the end: Tabascos sauce. I didn’t notice a difference in flavor, so I guess if he’s happy, I’m happy to remain ignorant.


Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Sausage Balls with Tomato-Basil Sauce

I have really been enjoying watching Rachel Ray’s shows, simply because she inspires me to think of dinner as a “meal” not just a “main dish.” Last night we made her chicken sausage balls. Becasue I couldn’t get chicken sausage, I made them with pork Italian sausage, which my husband really appreciated. With two pounds of meat, I only could make eight balls — the boccocini were rather large.

I would have liked more cheese per meatball, but I struggled to get it to stay together. Any secrets for improving that?

On the other hand, it was really very tasty with the tomato-pesto sauce. And it was very easy.

I essentially made Rachel Rays’ entire menu, except I roasted asparagus instead of broccolini. Get the recipe from Rachel Ray >>>

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