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Roast Chicken with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary

We normally cook and bake with boneless and skinless chicken thighs. It’s so much easier. This weekend we gave roast chicken a try. It was so tender and juicy compared to the other stuff! It did take some time to cook, but we could prepare the rest of the dinner while it cooked.

It still is more work to get the chicken off the bone in order to eat it, but it certainly turned out delicious. Do you think the end result of delicious roast chicken is worth the extra effort? Or do you, too, go with the boneless/skinless option?

I’m not sure where we got this recipe, but it’s so very simple one hardly needs it. The flavor comes from fresh rosemary, chopped and crushed and pressed in to the chicken, and a roasted garlic puree pressed on to the chicken during the end of cooking. Salt, pepper, and olive oil help too. (more…)