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Cream of Cucumber Soup

Molly Wizenberg mentioned in her memoir, A Homemade Life, that she likes to make a pot of soup every week so she has something light for lunch. I decided I’m going to try some new soup every week or two as well. I love a light meal, and soups are just the thing.

So then I had to determine  what kind of soup is appropriate for summer. A friend mentioned that Cucumber soup is what she thinks of. I’d never had it, so I thought I’d have to give it a try.

Oh my. This soup was so good. I don’t normally like uncooked cucumbers, but this was so delicious, especially the second day when it was chilled. It didn’t make very much — or maybe we just ate it too fast! — so I’ll double it next time. Also, I only sliced one-half of a cucumber for garnish and it was sufficient. (The recipe suggests an entire cucumber.)

It is a very thin soup, but I liked that. It was just right for a hot summer evening. We also ate a white pizza and together the meal hit the spot!

I adapted a recipe that I found online. That site claimed it was Julia Child’s but I can’t vouch for that. I simplified it a bit for my own sake.  (more…)

Braised Fennel

I am of the opinion that vegetables exist to be served with tasty sauces, and this recipe for braised fennel certainly lives up to that.

Maybe it’s the stick of butter. But I think the lemon juice helps it too. And then fennel smells and tastes like licorice, so how can that go wrong? Then there is the slow simmer while I finish the rest of dinner. In the end, I think it is just super easy to make and incredibly delicious. My toddler son wouldn’t eat it, though. Maybe in a few more years?

Because I only sautéed three rather small bulbs, rather than the 4 1/2 pounds the recipe calls for, I ended up with a lot extra butter sauce at the end. I poured that over my egg noodles. I also left it under the broiler a minute too long, so some of the cheese was burned. Easily avoided next time; the broiler time is not even necessary if you don’t want to do so.

I thought it was delicious, with its licorice flavor. My husband even asked me if I’d added flavoring. No, honey: this is just a naturally good vegetable. (more…)

Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken Pot Pie Stew

When I was a kid and my family ate out at a restaurant, I always got “chicken pot pie.” It was the fanciest, most delicious thing. I love the combination of pastry and chicken and vegetable yumminess.

In reality, chicken pot pie is very easy to make and hardly fancy. It’s a great go-to week night meal, because even my 1-year-old son ate some of it. The only problem is that the few times I’ve cooked it, it felt time consuming simply because of the baking part. I don’t mind cutting vegetables and then stirring and simmering a stew for 30 minutes. But I don’t want to then have to wait another 30 minutes while it cooks further in the oven: I want to eat!

So last night I made the chicken pot pie recipe. And then I dipped buttermilk biscuits in it and enjoyed eating it. Beyond baking some biscuits earlier, there was no baking after all the simmering, but there still is pastry goodness along with it. I think it works well as a stew.

My husband admits that he added a dash of a secret ingredient to the soup at the end: Tabascos sauce. I didn’t notice a difference in flavor, so I guess if he’s happy, I’m happy to remain ignorant.


Creamy Asparagus Soup

When my husband is out of town (and that is often), I don’t cook very often. That’s why I’ve been rather quiet around here. But last week, I had some friends over for lunch and I felt I should make some springy soup. I based my recipe on this one from Simply Recipes (I find myself using that site as a guide very often).

I never take pictures of my food, although I know many food bloggers do. I tried to on this one and it just did not look right. In fact, it looked disgusting. Some day I’ll figure it out. In the mean time, trust me: this was delicious.

I didn’t add the alcohol, because I never cook with alcohol. I also put in less stock compared to the asparagus. In the end, it was good, but seemed to be missing a “kick.” Did it need more lemon juice? More salt and pepper? More asparagus? I’m not sure. Next time I make it, I’ll have to experiment. I’ll probably start by using fresh lemon juice (instead of concentrate) and more thyme. (more…)

Carrot and Ginger Soup

I was in a wintery soup mood the other day, so I made this very yummy carrot and ginger soup. I think I had less ginger than the recipes calls for and I forgot to add the parsely at the end, but it was very very yummy!

Celery Root

Image via Wikipedia

Confession: I went 27 years before eating celery root.

We made soup Sunday based on this recipe. It was so delicious!

Then today I read Orangette’s post about celery root salad. I think I need to eat this vegetable more often. It may be ugly, but it’s quite tasty.

Have you eaten celery root before?